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Full Version: ASUS VP249QGR 120Hz ONLY HDMI
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I got this monitor which should allow me to have 144hz using HDMI. But to my surprise, I only have 120hz in the options. I am using this as an external monitor for my ASUS GL552VW (GTX 960M)

I also tried the NVIDIA Pixel Clock Patcher but it didnt work.

I also tried updating all my drivers (intel HD graphics and 960M) and still the same.

Can anyone help me?
Seems like your laptop can't support 144 Hz with HDMI.
(05-26-2020 12:48 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]Seems like your laptop can't support 144 Hz with HDMI.

not sure but my laptop has GTX 960M, but the thing is, since this is a laptop, the external monitor shows that it is connected to the Intel HD Graphics 530, there's no other option/tab/menu in my NVIDIA Control Panel where I can choose resolution.
The Intel GPU handles the inputs.
(05-27-2020 11:34 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]The Intel GPU handles the inputs.

I keep on searching if my Intel HD Graphics 530 can handle 144hz but can't see any official article on it. they keep on saying that it has something to do with the monitor (yes) but given that the monitor is already compatible and just a matter of saying if Intel HD Graphics 530 can, but there's none.
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