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Full Version: Crossover QHD270 stuck at 640x480 resolution
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Hey everyone,

I'm stuck trying to figure out why my old 60hz crossover 2560x1440 monitor is stuck at a 640x480 resolution. After some research on this forum I thought it could be an EDID issue and downloaded the CRU tool. The tools displays that the native resolution is 2560x1440 but applying anything above the 640x480 resolution through the CRU would end up with a black screen and I would have to F8 back to safe mode to see anything on the screen again.

My current setup is a 5700xt Red Devil running either a dvi adapter -> HDMI or a DVI -> Displayport. I thought it could be the cables/adapter but they work fine on other monitors. Unfortunately the Red Devil 5700xt does not have a DVI input. Could it be caused by not using a DVI -> DVI connection? I guess I'm just trying to narrow down what the issue could be and if it's the monitor itself that's the issue.
You need a dual-link DVI port, or use an HDMI-DVI adapter and import hdmi.dat.
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