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Full Version: Offering to pay for custom EDID file
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Hello all. After many a couple days and many hours spent on this forum and trying to fix an issue, I'm ready to call it quits. I'm offering $50 to someone to write me a custom EDID file. If this isn't allowed, please delete post. If interested, please read my tragic story below.

I'm located in Olympia, Washington, 46yrs old and have been saving my pennies to build a lifelong dream of a racing sim. Well this would be my 3rd racing sim but this is the one where I get to actually enjoy it without kids in the house anymore. Haha.

I am running Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard, 64GB GeIL EVO POTENZA RAM, 1000 Watt Raidmax Power Supply, Radeon Vega 56 video card, and 7 Bass Shakers running under SimRacing Hub. For my triple screen setup I'm using 3 - 50" 4k TVs that do HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0. All of this including the sim frame was built by myself and has of course drained most of my budget, so please don't suggest I buy new equipment. I was lucky enough to buy this before COVID was a thing so the prices weren't crazy but damn!

The issue I have is not with any one game but the resolution that the Radeon Eyefinity software is setting up for my monitors. Under single panel resolution I get a perfect looking 3840 x 2160 at 60hz or 29hz right out of the box. When I turn on Eyefinity it automatically gives my monitors 4096x2160 with an effective total Eyefinity resolution of 12288x2160. This of course cuts off a large part of the outer monitors' edges, even in Windows. I can play the games I want with this setting as far as performance but it's not really functional because of the missing sections.

I can turn on the Radeon Virtual Resolution button and it gives me 5120x2160 automatically for a total of 15360x2160 and it looks soooo great but the performance is around 26fps. Not really what I was looking for after working 10 months on this dream project of mine. With or without the Virtual Resolution I only get ONE option for the Eyefinity total resolution.

After trying 20 or so different custom EDID files written by myself with the help of all the great info on this forum I was able to finally get 1920x1080 or 5760x1080 Eyefinity with 110fps but this is again, hardly worth all this work I've put into this but at least I know it is possible to alter what Eyefinity will output. So now I come begging for some help to have someone write a custom EDID for me that will block 4096x2160 so that the AMD Radeon software won't use that as an option or at least get me close with a 3200x1800 option.

I'm willing to pay up to $50ish dollars to get this done. I've been part of many forums over my life and I know this isn't in the spirit of what forums are for but man, I'm desperate to get this working. I even checked out Fiverr and the likes but not luck. I can do Paypal or Venmo and will even pay in advance if you have some rep on the forum. I really hate to have this be my first post so I apologize but I'm out of options! Thank you in advance.

Use CRU. Edit the extension block. Edit the "TV resolutions" data block and the "HDMI support" data block and delete 4096x2160.
It seriously took me longer to write my first post than it did to implement your suggested fix. It worked like a charm!

I signed up for your Patreon to support the cause. ThanK you for all your hard work on this forum!
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