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Full Version: CRU crashes my PC when i install a newer NVIDIA driver.
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I've been using CRU for some time now, and it worked fine. But when i try to install any other NVIDIA driver (other than the one i was using), my pc crashes, and after rebooting i see that the gpu device is disabled. Now the only way i can use the CRU is by reinstalling my old driver, but then i won't be able to use some features of the newer one... Does someone knows what's causing this, and how to fix it?

GPU: GTX 970
There's no reason for CRU to crash the driver because it does not touch anything related to the driver. What are the exact steps you are doing when using CRU? Are you using anything else like the pixel clock patcher? At what point in the process does the driver crash?
I have a VGA LCD monitor, but when i'm adding a custom resolution i need to use the "Automatic - CRT Standard" timing, otherwise the image looks awful. I don't use any other software related to this, and it crashes every time i change something and restart the driver.

Ok, it's working now, and i think i know how to fix it. It only worked after i changed to my desired resolution through the nvidia control panel, and then tried to use CRU. Though i'm not sure what's causing this, nor if this 'fix' actually did something...
Try rebooting instead of running restart64.exe. If the driver crashes while restarting, it may be disabled on boot, but you can just enable it again by running restart64.exe or using Device Manager.
I tried doing that a while ago, and it crashed anyway. Actually, it used to crash every time i changed something on CRU with the driver enabled, no matter the order.
That's strange. That has to be a driver bug then.
(10-22-2020 04:56 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]That's strange. That has to be a driver bug then.

I have 4 systems that use Windows 10 Pro and Nvidia GPUs.

All 4 of them using the two last nvidia drivers have serious issues with CRU.

Also had to roll back to an older driver.

Note the last two nvidia driver releases both mention EDID modifications in their release notes.

I use CRU cause these PCs are using TVs and I like to delete specific HZ modes that hurt certain games for me.

But anyway Im posting this after seeing the other persons post to confirm whatever CRU does and the new way Nvidia drivers handle EDID causes some kind of conflict.
After much crashing i gave up reverted to nvidia driver 452.06 for now.

Cru can not support the latest nvidia drivers. Simple test, install latest nvidia driver run the restart bat and crash
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