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Full Version: What is the development enviroment of open source software CRU?
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I want to learn how to compile the project of CRU. The CRU.bdsproj file implies that it was developed with Delphi,but I'm not know how to start from it. Maybe it can be opened by Microsoft Visual Studio. Can anybody clarify this?

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Borland Turbo C++ Builder 2006. Honestly, the code is a bit of a mess because it was designed before I had knowledge of all the different data structures, and I'm also stuck with some limitations from using an old version of C++ Builder. I've been wanting to rewrite it from scratch to take better advantage of C++ features like templates and polymorphism and to design the code better so it can be used as a library with any C++ compiler, but there's so much to do that I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble. I might have to eventually because I want to eliminate the reliance on C++ Builder, and with the knowledge I have now, I can do a much better job structuring the code.
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