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Full Version: Cannot use Surround in 1440p
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Hi everyone, I am a bit desperate, I am trying to set Nvidia Surround on but I cannot set the proper resolution.
I got 2x PGM315 (144hz - 1440p - 31.5) connect with HDMI and one C32HG70 (144hz - 1440p - 31.5) in DisplayPort and a RTX 3090 from gigabyte.
When I try to set the 3 display in surround, it's locked at 5760x1080 120hz.
If I try to set the 2 PGM315 only i can get 5120x1440 (so 2x1440p) but when I try to set surround on my C32HG70 and only one PGM315 i can only set 3840x1080.
I know that Nvidia surround work only with 3 same monitor but my three monitor have the same specs.
Does it's possible to use nvidia surround with my three monitors?
All of the timing parameters and the pixel clock must match for 1440p on all monitors. You can use CRU to edit the timing parameters, but NVIDIA's driver has bugs with Surround sometimes not sticking after reboot with EDID overrides, and some people reported black screens with HDMI on RTX 3000-series cards.
So the best option is to connect all of them with DisplayPort?
How do you properly set timing and pixel clock? Can i just copy the PGM315 parameters into my C32HG70 without risk of bricking something?
Yes, you can copy the timing parameters and the pixel clock. The timing parameters don't do anything that would damage a digital monitor, and the monitor will reject frequencies that it doesn't support.

You can try it with HDMI first. If Surround doesn't work correctly with the HDMI monitor, then connecting all of them with DisplayPort might help.
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