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Full Version: have an issue with new monitor Aorus FI27Q (black dots dropping down vertically in t
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First my pc.I have Gigabyte Rtx 3090 OC ( stock ) and 10850K stock ,32gb ram.

Issue is only on 1920x1080P with 165hz. On 1440P with 165mhz is fine. On 1920x1080P with 144hz is fine. On 1920x1080P with 165mhz i can see on screen small black dots flickering vertical.

If i wanna catch screen its not visible or clip. So i post screen and i added from paint. Just very small flickering black dots on vertical position. Happens only in 1080P with 165HZ. Visible on desktop too when i am very close.

When i made perform scaling on [gpu] in nvidia panel that line of small dots/squares will dissapear.

somebody ( other person ) had the same issue with same monitor,link reddit:

It happens only in 1080P or below with 165hz. With 144hz 1080P is ok. 1440P 165hz its ok.
I am not happy with pc because of this. What should i do ? Ignore that or rma ? Somebody said that i must rma monitor even if doing that on non-native resolution.

When i am playing games on rtx 3090 on 1440P ( which is ok ) i am thinking about that i am not happySad
Use GPU scaling, or get a different monitor.
I know but why GPU scaling helping here and dots/squares dissapearing? And is this reason to RMA?
GPU scaling uses the native resolution. RMA might not make a difference if it's a design flaw.
When i am using in nvidia panel. I made perform scaling from monitor on [gpu] and it dissapeared ,that dots dissapearing. It must be monitor not hardware?
GPU scaling scales 1920x1080 to 2560x1440, so the monitor sees 2560x1440, which doesn't have the problem.
It must be monitor not hardware?
Yes, the monitor.
If dots are not appearing on screenshots then almost sure that is monitor/cable issue not gpu?
Yes. Probably not a cable issue. Seems like a monitor firmware bug.
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