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Full Version: CRT reported refresh rate error?
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this may seem a daft question, but is it possible for a CRT monitors OSD to report the wrong refresh rate to what it really is?

You see I just recently bought a second hand Radeon 5870 for my old rig and ran into ATI's awful resolution/refresh rate issues. Now I've removed the EDID pin from my vga cable, installed CRU utility as well as Custom resolution manger (this one doesn't seem to work), but even with the monitor supposedly now running at 160hz it seems I have eyestrain?

I have considered maybe the ATI default brightness is higher than my old Nvidia card, but even lowering it seems to still have eyestrain. I've ran some checks I know to test if it really is changing refresh rates...specifically using a cam to see the moving black bands on screen and they do indeed change at differing settings, also the flicker from the corner of eye check but I don't seem to see any difference with this one.

Is it somehow possible my monitor is reporting the wrong speed back or can't this happen? It seems to agree with the refresh rates as stated by the computer but subjectively it's as though they're lower. Just to be very clear on this I mean the display controls on the monitor itself not the computers controls.
If the monitor's OSD agrees with the refresh rate set in Windows, then it's definitely running at that refresh rate.
(07-05-2014 04:53 AM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]If the monitor's OSD agrees with the refresh rate set in Windows, then it's definitely running at that refresh rate.


The eyestrain seemed to stop the next day, I think I may possibly have just been a bit light sensitive at the time I installed it. Going by the smoothness of the image the refresh rate seems genuine. I'm just having trouble with ATI's ccc software now, and it's bizarre refusal to apply higher rates to certain resolutions, even though it's perfectly happy to apply them to one's that are actually higherHuh For example I can get 1600x1200@120hz but 1360x768 won't go over 60, despite using CRU RCRM and a removed EDID pin?

Tried every trick I know as I mentioned in first post. I think W7x64 and ATI just weren't meant to be. But enough high resolutions are now going at 85hz+ for me to happy with it though.
Make sure GPU scaling is disabled. You shouldn't need to remove the pin to use CRU.
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