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Full Version: Black screen after reboot [CRU 1.5.1]
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Please help Support

I enjoy this software very much

I have an ASUS ROG G56JK Laptop Nvidia 850m ddr3 and 1080p panel

I managed to get a 93hz overclock on my panel but then sometimes after a reboot, the screen remains black and i must force restart.
I have been coming down 1 hz at a time to reach maximum stable.

I am now at 87hz.

I am happy with this OC but i just want to know if there are additional settings to adjust that might help me

All i have done is add detailed resolution
and charge refresh rate to 87hz.

Please help as i would rather run my 93hz if there is a way around this black screen at startup issue, or am i just asking my poor Lapppy for too much.


Im now on 80hz OC
I was having issues with black screen at windows startup.

Could it possible be sync polarity being positive as it appears my default refresh has a negative sync polarity?
Try the other timing options.
Thanks for your reply Toasty
I ham happy to have found my stable max at 78hz
I was seeing pixels artifacting on text in darkplaces quake with any higher setting, so i will stick there
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