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Full Version: Overclocking monitor for the first time :)
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Hello guys! I need a help with overclocking my BenQ G2222HDL. It is really solid monitor, but i would like to get him to 75Hz @ Full HD. When i play CS GO i mostly use 1440x900 because it allows me to play on 75Hz, but far objects are too pixelated to see them, and 60Hz is really unsmooth. I'm using Dual Link DVI cable and HD6870 graphic card. I have installed AMD/ATI patch for sure. Now what should i change in CRU to not broke my monitor? Just set the refresh rate to 75Hz? Thanks for any help!

Not working at all :/ When i try to go 1080p @ 72 or 75 Hz monitor says that this settings are unsupported Sad Any ideas?
If just setting the refresh rate to 72 or 75 Hz doesn't work, try the "LCD standard" and "LCD reduced" timing options. Most 1080p monitors can get at least 72 Hz with the "LCD reduced" option. If not, the monitor might not be able to handle higher refresh rates at 1080p.
Now it is everything fine going @ 77Hz Smile
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