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Full Version: HDMI Refreshrate
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So I have a 144hz monitor (144hz on DVI-D and DP) and 120hz on HDMI
I have a mining GPU(modedRX580) only have DVI-D port so I can only go for DVI-D to HDMI
right now I'm planning to use HDMI for the free-sync cause I have a weak processor(3rd gen intel) and cant afford to buy a new system currently.

My Question is can I use CRU to Overclock the 120hz to 144hz on HDMI? or I cant cause my monitor only supports 120hz on HDMI? and there's no other way around.

ps. Sorry for my English. thanks
You would have to try it and see, but it probably won't work correctly with FreeSync, so just use DVI.
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