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Full Version: Simple 7680 x 1440 resolution won’t work.
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Hi all

So I thought this would have been simple, I’ve changed 3 odd monitors out that let me set a 7680 x 1080 resolution in the nvidia control panel to 3 identical gigabyte C32QC 2560 x 1440 displays all connected via DisplayPort to a 2080 Super and now the nvidia control panel won’t make my custom resolution. All that happens is when I click test is all the monitors go black and the computer just freezes. I have to turn it off with the power button!

This leads me to using CRU. However I can’t work out how to add in the resolution? I’ve tried adding it using the displayID 1.3 and 2.0 at different hz rates but none of it appears in the nvidia control panel.
(I don’t want to actually apply it in the control panel, I just need it to appear in the game but I guess it should appear in the control panel also?)

How do I go about adding the 7680 x 1440 resolution. Either 120 or 144hz would do, I’m not bothered (these screens can go to 165hz but I don’t think my GPU could handle all of that!)

Don't add 7680x1440. Use NVIDIA Surround instead.
The problem with that is I have a small 5” monitor I use as a dashboard and you can’t make this work if you use NV surround ?
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