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Full Version: 25ft HDMI Cable signal loss..can I use software to compensate?
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Hi Folks,

I have a 2018 Vizio P-55 TV that I am connecting to my PC with an Nvidia GPU via a 25ft HDMI 2.1 18GBps cable from monoprice. I know the cable run is long and in my case I can't get 4K60 with HDR working. (It works fine with a shorter cable). The TV displays fine in SDR 10bit RGB. The Vizio has the option to turn "Full UHD Color" on or off which enables/disables HDMI 2.0b

I want to use CRU to see if I can force 4k60 HDR using 8bit sampling, or a pixel clock/data rate that is less demanding, hopefully allowing me to keep my PC where it is and use the 25ft monoprice cable. Before I start messing around with settings I was looking for advice on what options to set. Any help would be hugely appreciated!
There's nothing in the EDID for 8-bit HDR. It would be better to use a repeater to boost the signal. Monoprice has a cheap one here:

Source > 10 ft. cable > repeater > 15 ft. cable > PC
Another alternative that is not as cheap would be an Active Fiber Optic HDMI cable. Just make sure you hook it up correctly as they are directional.
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