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Full Version: Multi-resolution gaming display help.
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If this has been addressed somewhere, I apologize. I couldn't find a way to search the existing threads.

I have an AOC 34" U34G2G4R3 UW (3440x1440) & 2 AOC 27" Q27G2G4 (2560x1440) displays. Because it didn't occur to me to check Nvidia's support (or lack there of) of multi-resolution surround display, I now have 3 monitors that I cannot stretch across all displays for gaming. That is the main reason I got the 27" monitors in the same family as my UW. Not that it matters, but they were fathers day gifts.

Every response I've gotten from reddit on a solution has pointed me to this CRU program, but I'm not familiar enough with it to address it. I watched a youtube video that show's how to correct a 4k native resolution issue, but it didn't really apply to my issue. Nvidia Surround automatically drops the resolution to 1080p in 1x3. I get that my 3440x1440 display is causing the issue, but I have to believe there is a fix for this.

If this has been addressed by a previous thread, I'm happy to read it if someone can link it. If not, can anyone help me out with this? My only real solution now is to sell my 3080 card and buy an AMD at scalper prices because AMD apparently fixed this with Eyefinity like a decade ago. Thank you in advance for any help.
Surround will only work if all monitors share the same resolution and timing parameters. The only workaround is to add 2560x1440 to the 3440x1440 monitor with the same timing parameters if it can handle non-native resolutions, or add 3440x1440 to the 2560x1440 monitors if they can scale down higher resolutions (less likely).
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