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Full Version: Can't change monitor resolution
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I'm currently using an old Samsung TV as my monitor (UA32F5100 on an AMD RX 580) and I'm trying to change the resolution to 75Hz or higher. I also bought an HDMI 2.1 cable thinking it would help, but whatever I do, I can't seem to change the resolution to anything other 1920x1080@60Hz. I was under the impression that RX 580 supports HDMI 2.0 input at least. But it doesn't matter if I increase or decrease the size of the resolution or tweak the refresh rate via the AMD software or CRU.

The moment I attempt to set it to anything other than 1080p@60Hz on Win10 display settings, I get a black screen and the message: "Mode not supported. Resolution not supported. Change the resolution of the external device." Not even 1080p@61Hz works, which I think is absurd.

I think I've done all that I could with my limited understanding of EDID tweaking. I've attached pics of what I have attempted so far via CRU. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
The TV is telling you it doesn't support the resolution. Why do you expect it to support more than 60 Hz?

You also did more than just add 75 Hz. Why did you add a FreeSync data block for a monitor that doesn't support FreeSync? That could be messing up the resolutions.
I see. Yes, I was messing around to see what else I might be able to do with an old TV, so I added a freesync block just to see what happens. I assure you though that I couldn't change the resolution even before I added it there.

No chance of changing the res to more than 60Hz? I'll be happy if I could at least change it to 75, no need for higher res sizes.

I had a smaller, older monitor that I was able to boost to 75Hz no problem and I was under the impression that I could do that to this TV as well. Thoughts?
TVs are usually more restrictive. Even if it accepted 75 Hz, it would probably skip frames. You can check 1280x1024 @ 75 Hz, which the TV already defines by default. Usually only newer TVs that support 120 Hz natively can handle higher refresh rates correctly.
Got it, thank you so much! Appreciate all the help!
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