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Full Version: MG279Q CRU Overclock Resets After Sleep?
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I currently have a Asus MG279Q with a RTX 3070. I had similar issues when I had a RX 5700 XT. I'm able to overclock my monitor (to 57-142HZ) fine using CRU (as well as the driver patch), but my overclock randomly disappears, notably after my monitor wakes up. I haven't pinpointed exactly with certainty what is causing it, but I do think it's the sleep mode on my monitor. To fix this, I have to: reset CRU, re-input my overclock range in CRU, run restart64, then change my display resolution back to 144HZ.

Any thoughts? I'm going to disable sleep mode to see if the problem goes away for the time being, but this seems more like a bandaid than anything.

I feel like Freesync was working pretty well a few years ago, but has been a huge pain with my 5700 XT for the last year or so. I thought switching to the RTX 3070 would help, but I'm running into the same issues. When Freesync/Gsync gets disabled, I run into a bunch of issues. On my RX 5700 XT, games would just have really subtle (but nauseating) microstutters, but the screen just flashes than goes black on my 3070.
It's up to the graphics driver to implement EDID overrides, so normally I would say that's a driver bug, but I don't see how both AMD and NVIDIA would have the same bug unless the monitor is doing something weird like changing the EDID when waking up from sleep. You shouldn't have to reset CRU. Simply restarting the driver is enough.
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