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Full Version: Add 5760x1080 resolution to 1080p monitors
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Hi there. I've been losing hair trying to add 5760x1080 to my 1080p monitors for the past couple of days.

A bit of back story here. I game on a triple 1080p setup, but I refuse to use NVIDIA surround (too many bugs). For the past couple of years, I've been able to create a custom 5760x1080 resolution in NVIDIA's control panel, get my games to render at that in windowed mode, and use another program to resize it across all 3 monitors. I recently upgrade my GPU, and for whatever reason, attempting to add a custom resolution using NVIDIA black-screens my monitors until I do a cold reboot.

Now for my current situation. I tried adding a DisplayID 2.0 extension block to my monitors, but I end up in the same black-screen situation as before. Just to clarify, all I want is for my games to think that 5760x1080 is supported, but they never actually need to render at that resolution in exclusive mode.

I'm pretty new to CRU, so I've attached a .txt export of my attempt at a CRU configuration, if someone would like to take a look.
The black screen issue is probably a bug in the latest driver. Try 471.11. Also with CRU, you can't add resolutions that exceed the pixel clock limit of the interface, even if you're not going to use the resolution. You can add 5760x1080 with a lower refresh rate like 24 Hz, which should be enough to get the resolution listed. Also don't move existing extension blocks. DisplayID is normally the second extension block because the first extension block has HDMI support information.
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