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Full Version: Backup & change EDID of Monitor
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Hi, 2 months ago, I failed hard and bought a shit monitor... The monitor is a Dell S2719DGF. It can have a locked RefreshRate at 60Hz and 144Hz (HDMI). The FreesyncRange starts at 40Hz, but i never used it. All works fine and i finally got it after lots of try at a exact refreshrate at 144.00hz instead of 144.07 or so Smile

So my question is, is there a way to edit the Monitors EDID and set a manually RefreshRate at 120Hz, even if it is officially not supported?

I want my PS5 connected to it at 120hz cuz 60Hz sucks hard...

If there is (technically) a change to get it working, should i test on my PC before it works at a fixed RR of 120Hz (never tryed it before)?

Thanks for your help
You should test it on a PC first. Changing the EDID won't change what the monitor will accept, and the EDID is likely write-protected anyway. The PS5 only supports 120 Hz with 1920x1080 and 3840x2160, so the monitor would have to support 120 Hz with one of those resolutions using the CTA-861 standard timing parameters ("Automatic (HDTV)" or "Native" with CRU).
Ok, so even if it work with a custom resolution or cru on my pc, there is no way to "force" it from monitor-side, that PS5 will detect it as a TV/monitor who can 120Hz, even officially it was build and designed only for 60/144Hz?
If the monitor supports 120 Hz but the EDID is write-protected, it might still be possible if you can find a programmable EDID emulator that sits between the monitor and the PS5.
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