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Full Version: Samsung G7 removing all refresh rates except 240Hz
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I LOVED the way I could simply remove all other resolutions and set 2560x1440p @ 144Hz as the only available one back on my AOC AGON AG322QC4 with CRU.
That way I could fix an annoying black screen effect, during those silly refresh rates switching, ranging from - Hz when one game "sees" only this refresh rate, and the desktop is set to the "full" 144Hz and another game "sees" a completely different variation of that refresh.

Now I switched to the Samsung G7 32" and the problem is back.
My desktop sees 239.96Hz and most games, again, see a variation of that, and keep on switching, and switching... which again annoys me.

Sadly, removing all resolutions with CRU doesn't fix anything anymore, worse yet, I can set the max refresh rate up to 162Hz only!

I've read already that CRU can't change that because the way it's forced by the monitor, don't understand the technicals, also tried editing the NV_MODES to contain only the line {*}SHV 2560x1440x8,16,32,64 but that didn't work either.

Any help?
What exactly did you try? I'm not aware of any limitations with the G7 and CRU or any 162 Hz limitation.
Removed all resolutions & refresh rates:
[Image: FDOPGJf.png]

Above 162Hz:
[Image: 8WRe9JT.png]

But I guess it doesn't matter whateer I change here Windows doesn't register, both the monitor and Windows claim they're @ 240Hz (well, 240Hz in monitor's menu and 239,96 in Windows but that's OK I guess Wink)
You need to read the part about extension blocks. Both issues are mentioned in there.
While I'm not that technical to fully understand what I'm suppose to do, I think I did it and haven't shot meself in the knee while at it Wink

[Image: oSSaNzA.png]

Finally no more multiple refresh rates for a single resolution and no more tons of resolutions I'm never going to use! Yes, thank you!

EDIT: had to edit back my 2560x1440 @ 162Hz resolution back into Detail resolution as some games showed up glitchy without it.
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