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Full Version: Monitor / Adapter causing crash?
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Hi All

When I play a game and ramp up the video detail, the computer crashes.

What is the likehihood that the active adapters can't handle it - and cause some kind of feedback and system restart?

I have an AMD R9 290x graphics card with 3 (VGA only) monitors:

DVI-D -----> Startech Active Adapter ------> VGA

DisplayPort -----> Startech Active Adapter ------> VGA

DVI-D -----> Startech Active Adapter ------> VGA
Game settings wouldn't affect how the video output is sent to the adapter/monitor. That seems more like a problem with the video card or the driver.
Yes, I think you're right....

I've seen that many people are complaining that this card is causing crashes, possibly the card or the driver. My guess is it's the card, as they probably would have fixed the driver by now.
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