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Full Version: 60Hz to 75Hz
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I can't manage on my own so i am looking for some help.
I've got acer vg240y monitor. I play games and i was sure that resolution 1280x1024 uses 75Hz as 1920x1080 does.
Today i realized it was 60Hz everytime.
Using Geforce experience i can't change the frequency from 60Hz to 75Hz.
I've searched and found CRU, added 1280x1024 (5:4) @ 75Hz as standard resolution, clicked OK, ran restart.exe and still can't see 1280x1024 with 75Hz after that.
Did i do something wrong? Should i do something more? Huh
Is there a default extension block? You can't have a default extension block with NVIDIA. If not, try a detailed resolution. You can also use GPU scaling instead.
I have extension block, should i delete it?
No, you don't have a default extension block. You have 1280x1024 @ 75 Hz defined twice, so it should be available.
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