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Full Version: How exactly do you determine the specs for purchasing a capable panel of overclock?
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Hey! New to the forum, but I've been on the hunt for awhile now in search of either some more information on understanding how I can determine if a monitor can be overclocked, or if perhaps there were any 4:3 or 16:10 monitors out there that could stand an overclock at or above 90hz. I've been working with an arcade on some bringing some old school rhythm games like DDR, Beatmania, Pop N' Music, etc. back from the dead, using PCs as the display out.

If at all possible, would somebody happen to know either/or above, or maybe a good place to start with determining if a monitor can actually be overclocked in the first place? I've been viewing panelook as it seems like they have a decent selection of panels out there, however the filters they have on the site make it somewhat difficult to find what I'm looking for.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated, thanks!!
There's no way to know if a monitor will overclock without testing it because that's usually not in the specifications. Most 60 Hz monitors will not allow more than 75-85 Hz, and some will skip frames at anything greater than 60 Hz, especially older 4:3 and 16:10 monitors. If you need a higher refresh rate, get a high refresh rate monitor.
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