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Full Version: CRU not working on Monitor connected to USB to Display Link adapter
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I have an LCD monitor connected to my PC via this USB adapter:

i-tec USB 3.0 / USB-C Dual 4K DP Video Adapter

I would really love to have this monitor running at a resolution, which gives me a ratio of 1,18x1.
I therefore tried to adjust the resolution to e.g. 1920x1626 via the CRU tool.

I added a new line to the Detailed resolutions section and chose timing "Automatic PC".
I then entered 1920x1626 and set 60Hz as a refresh rate. I moved this entry to the top of the section and clicked ok. I closed the CRU tool and restarted the graphics driver via the restart64.exe.
After that the monitor stays at 1024x768 and there is also no option inside the advanced resolution settings section of windows where I could set it to 1920x1626.
In CRU the 1920x1626 shows up. But not inside windows.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other way to achieve my goal?

Thank you very much!

Best regards Andi
DisplayLink adapters use their own driver, which doesn't support EDID overrides. What are you using the adapter for? What connections does the monitor and the PC have?
Hi, thanks for your reply. Plugging the monitor directly into the GPU is no option for me. Is there any way to get the custom resolution on the USB Adapter anyway? Maybe via a change of driver files etc.?
Thank you!
DisplayLink does not provide a way to add custom resolutions. Why is the GPU not an option?
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