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Full Version: Help setting up CRU with 390hz on AMD 6650 XT
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Acer Aopen 25XV2Q (360 + 30hz)
6650 XT
DisplayPort 1.4
Windows 11


I have been having a lot of trouble attaining 390hz. I had an nvidia GPU which I was able to get 390hz with their basic software. However, I just upgraded to a 6650 XT, and their Adrenalin software does not seem to work for custom resolutions. I am now trying to get CRU to work, but I can't seem to get that to work either. I don't know much about these things, but I edited the active resolution at the top and ran restart.exe using seemingly viable numbers, but I am unable to see the desired resolution to change it in windows. Also, it seemed to require interlaced, otherwise the numbers turned red. Not sure why that is?

If it helps, on nvidia 389hz seemed to work stable for me, but 390hz did not.

Showing CRU issues and a bonus AMD issue if it helps:

My desired resolutions are:

1920 x 1080p - 390hz (16:9)
1440 x 1080p - 390hz (4:3) (for gaming)

What can I try next?

You should read this first:

It tells you why the number turns red. Newer GPUs don't support interlaced, and you shouldn't use interlaced with LCD monitors anyway. AMD's custom resolutions can't handle higher pixel clocks, but CRU can with DisplayID. All you need to do is add it by editing the DisplayID extension block that's already there.
Thanks for your response.

I did learn some things reading that link, I appreciate it. However, I'm not incredibly technical, so I am apparently still missing something. I can't seem to successfully add a working resolution using the DisplayID extension block.

I selected the pre-set 390hz one, and hit the up arrow (to prioritize it?), then ran restart.exe. Stupid question, but how do I activate the DisplayID?
What you're doing should work. Does Windows not list the refresh rate in the advanced display settings? That would mean the driver is rejecting it for some reason. I can only think of two things. First, leave the DisplayID extension block as the second extension block. That shouldn't matter, but you don't need to move it. Second, the blanking might be too low. It looks like you're using "Exact reduced" but that might be too low for AMD at these higher refresh rates. Try copying the timing parameters for 360 Hz.
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