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Full Version: LG 27ul650 4k can't overclock via DP
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LG 27ul650 3840x2160 60Hz
In nvidia control panel using hdmi cable I can overclock to 67 hz. But the problem is that I can't do the same with a DP cable. I have tried two different cables (both support 1.4). The maximum I can do via DP is 61Hz. I am trying with CRU to reach the same 67Hz but without success. 8 bpc or 10 bpc, it doesn't matter, it doesn't work. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong, I know for sure that the monitor can do 67 Hz via hdmi. I think the monitor can do even more, it would be great if you could help me with that. May be I need to edit extension blocks? Thank you!
Use HDMI then.
(11-18-2022 11:09 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]Use HDMI then.

But hdmi cant do 10 bit in my case
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