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Full Version: green screen on tv and unsupported resolution
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(11-22-2022 07:12 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]Vega 8 and GTX 1650 is an unusual combination. What model is the laptop? Is the TV connected directly to the laptop with an HDMI cable or is there an adapter involved?

Download this:

Run EDWriter.exe. Does it load or do you get an error message? If it loads, is the TV listed in the drop-down list? If so, select it and click the "Read EDID" button. Do you get any messages asking you to fix something? If so, click "No" for now. Then click the "Save file" button to save the data to a file, and then attach it here.

If you get any messages, I need you to tell me exactly what they are.

yes my laptop is HP pavallion ec0100ax
and i installed edid application it loads but the drop down list shows unknown display ( i have attached the screenshot) and if i click a random option and then click on read edid it shows invalid data ( for all options of unknown displays) ! btw do i need to connect to tv while using this edid software ?? and yes the laptop is directly connected to tv with hdmi ! no adapters in between them !
Of course you need to connect to the TV. How else will it read the EDID? The whole point is I'm trying to see if the EDID is corrupted on the TV. I'm not sure if the software will work correctly with the AMD + NVIDIA combination though. Switchable graphics on laptops tends to interfere with driver functions that the software needs. I'm hoping the software can read the EDID with the TV connected so there might be a way to fix it directly. If not, do you have access to another computer with an AMD GPU that you could run the software on?
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