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Full Version: 100Hz on a notebook, RESULT: Strange startup
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I successfully reached 100 hz on my notebook (Lenovo G585) using CRU, but at startup strange lines and colors appears.
After 1-2 minutes the notebook is fully usable with 100hz, and lines aren't visible anymore.

video: DOWNLOAD [the file will deleted on 10/01/14]

Why colors and lines appears?
The panel is not designed to run at 100 Hz. You're hitting the limits of what the panel can handle. I've seen the same thing happen with the Catleap monitors when it's cold:
Thanks ToastyX,
Another strange thing is that into the lines and color (in the first seconds of video), i see the table of price and component of my computer used by vendors(an image showed by the notebook for more time), but this image is deleted!
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