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Full Version: Two 144Hz 1440P displays stuck at 60Hz with NVIDIA Surround ?
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Display 1 : LG 27GL850-B Connected with DP1 port of GPU
Display 1 : ROG PG279Q Connected with DP2 port of GPU
Both are 1440p 144hz display
GPU : RTX 2080 Ti
CPU : 3700X
RAM: 2x8 GB 3200Mhz

While setting up NVIDIA Surround Configuration it stuck at 60hz @ 5120x1440 instead of 144hz @5120x1440.

Is there anyway it can be configured for 144hz @5120x1440 ?
The timing parameters and frequencies for the detailed resolutions that you want to use with Surround must match exactly on all monitors.
Thank You Very Much

It finally did work.
Now its silky smooth 144hz @ 5120x1440.

The culprit was PG279Q by default 60hz timing profile in Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) even though it was running 144hz in windows.

I changed the timing of it with Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) 144hz as i have been explained by
That's not the culprit. The culprit is the 144 Hz in the extension block not matching the other monitor's 144 Hz. Changing 60 Hz to 144 Hz gets rid of 60 Hz.
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