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Full Version: 8K mono TFT LCD Settings
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Hello, I am working on adapting 8k LCD display for photographic enlargements. I've plugged it in but after messing around a bit I haven't had much luck with settings. The best I could do was stretched horizontally. The odd thing is that the monitor appears in windows rotated 90 degrees, so you have to create enter them as y-x settings, but when you drag something into the window it behaves normally. Any ideas on how to set resolution?



I have updated with thumbnails, thanks!
You created a custom resolution that's scaled to 2560x4095. That's why it's stretched.
Hi Toasty, that was the native setting it started out with when I plugged it in. Since then I have been able to set a bunch of normal settings but it is topping out at 5120 x 2880. I am guessing that I've reached the limit of the hdmi 2.0 output I am working with... it wont let set a downsample chroma setting in nvidia control panel. The driver board is very tiny I am guessing that it only works with a raw signal. I will try connecting with a DP to HDMI 2.1 converter.
I am noticing that there is a ~.75cm bar on the bottom of the screen that is not active... It turns white when I shut it off so it is definitely LCD. It's easy to see in the first thumbnail I uploaded previously. I am wondering if there is a way to eliminate it through timing. I believe it is skewing the image you can see vertical bars in a 1:1 crop.
You're not reading your own screenshots. You have the active pixels set to 2560x4095. That's what gets sent to the display.
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