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Full Version: I have tried everything… I have nothing left… please help
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All started when I moved my old PC about 7m away from my monitor. I was playing on Gsync monitor via DP 1.4. I change the cable for a longer one (7m) and bam, black screens start to occur.

Since then I got a new monitor and PC - was due for an upgrade. Same problem as before. Tried so many different types of cables to no avail.

What helped was using HDMI cable - same length (7m). Yesterday though I uncapped my fps and first time over HDMI I got the black screen again. So I unplugged my second monitor (even though it was off) and capped my fps 3 below max refresh rate. No issues for 3 hours of gaming.

Then I decided maybe my second monitor being plugged in was the issue or having uncapped fps. So I went back to DP cable (7m) and no issues for about an hour of gaming. I am not totally confident I solved it because I think it may occur again. So if it does I will try an optical DP cable of same length.

I am just running out of ideas. Is it uncapped fps? Cable length? I have also turned off Steam Overlay. I do have MSI Afterburner running an overlay but I doubt it is that as I had that before when my PC was closer to the monitor, and had no issues then.

I need help lol… I really hope the latest changes I made fixes everything, otherwise, I don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t want to put my PC back to its original location as that would be really inconvenient.

Was wondering if anyone had any thoughts? Sorry for the long post.

Thank you.
Intermittent black screens indicate a signal quality problem. 7 meters is long for a cable. You need either a higher quality cable or a signal amplifier.
I agree. It has to be that. I recently bought an Active DP, only had an issue once with it. Last 24 hours no issues. I have bought a fibre optic DP just in case and it is a much better quality. Hopefully this resolves it for good.

I have capped my fps to 140, this may have also helped? I don’t know maybe having less frames = less bandwidth to be sent across.

Thank you for your reply.

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Bandwidth wouldn't change with frame rate, only refresh rate. G-SYNC runs at a fixed speed and uses longer blanking to delay frames to simulate lower refresh rates. Changing the actual refresh rate in the Windows display settings might help.
Cheers for that. Is there a possibility that my other monitor being plugged in plays a part in all this? May sound crazy but since I capped the frames + disconnected the other monitors I have had no issues for the past 24 hours on an Active DP (7m length). I may be totally wrong and it may randomly happen again but just got wondering.

Even though the monitors were turned off, Windows still recognised them, though Windows did say not active. Just have a feeling there is still some power being sent through from other monitors. As soon as I disconnect them they are no longer recognised by Windows.

Most likely length of cable is the only issue here. I’ll see how it goes and if my Active DP fails I got the optic one coming tomorrow.

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