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Full Version: Issues on 5120x1440p Phillips P498P9
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Hey together,

i bought last week a new monitor for my notebook.

Bildschirm: Phillips 498P9
Notebook: Lenovo Thinkpad P14s 1.GEN (Type Nr.: 20S4-000NGE)

I´m using my notebook together with my Dock-Station Lenovo Think Pad USB-C Dock Station 2.Gen.

The monitor is connected with an Display-Port Cable to the Dock-Station.
I started to make an new "Extension Block" "DisplayID 2.0 with the nesseseray resolution 5120x1440 as it said in the guidance. After that i started the restart.exe. But there is no possibility so select the new resolution in the Windows settings, its always 3180x1080... Sad

Is there somebody who can help me?

Thanks a lot,

Greets Daniel
You shouldn't need to add any resolutions. The monitor already defines the correct resolutions. This is an issue with the dock or laptop not supporting the full bandwidth.
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