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Full Version: up3218k dp1+dp2
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I am hopeing you could help me with understanding what i need to do to achive a resolution of 5760x4320 over two displayports @60hz so 2880x2160 over dp1+dp2 on the up3218k

I did use the SRE to get 2880x2160
I also tryed the CRU to get 5760x4320 with no luck i understand that this has something to do with the extension blocks and this is where i am confused, what do i need to do in this extension block to achive 5760x4320

I am on Nvidia rtx 3070TI
visual step by step examples would be helpful as i can copy your results.

Thank you

edit - If i only use one of the display port i can access the extention block information however this only works for one of the dispayports not both dp1 or dp2 and together.
i again tryed adding 5760x4320 and 2880x2160 to the extention block edit and did not give me 5760X4320 what am i doing wrong are the lines or the mhz the problem here
should i remove everything and only add what resolutions i want to achive to both dp1 and dp2 without nowing the details eg pixels lines mhz ect
I'm not sure if it's possible because I haven't tested this particular setup. Dealing with two connections seriously complicates things because it's basically tiling two resolutions like NVIDIA Surround does. You would have to add 2880x4320 to both connections, but you also need the original extension blocks with the tiled display topology data blocks, and I'm not sure if NVIDIA's driver will even consider non-native resolutions when tiling. Even if that worked, the monitor might not accept custom resolutions. NVIDIA's GPU scaling doesn't seem to work with tiled resolutions either, which is why you can't get 5760x4320 with SRE. 2880x2160 works because it scales that to 4K instead of 8K.
Ive attached some pics that might be helpful to you

a visual response outlineing
what units i would have to put in to the lines if this was to work eg the tilt and if i would have to copy that tilt on both dp1 and 2 / active and nonactive - exstension blocks

i will have a mess around see if i can set the right numbers i require
but i really have no idea what i am doing

and thank you for your response.
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