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Full Version: 17"x3" Marquee Monitor - Stretched Bar
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I apologize if this has been covered, but my searches bring back a lot of irrelevant results.

I have a 17" x 3" monitor that I want to use as an arcade marquee monitor.
When I run CRU, the resolution appears there, but doesn't appear in the Windows selection windows for me to use it. CRU shows a resolution of 1680x292.

At this time, the 17x3 monitor shows it is using a 1280x1024 resolution, and has a display in the center "third" of the screen.

It is connected by HDMI at the PC, HDMI cable, HDMI/DVI-D converter, DVI-D port on the monitor.
Thanks for your tips and ideas.

EDIT: I should add I am using an AMD Ryzen 7 4700U with integrated graphics
UPDATE: I set win11 to duplicate the screens, then when I came back to extend displays, win11 saw the resolution and allowed me to use it. Seems I have tripped into a solution this time.

EDIT: "Enable Clone" on AMD software, produces full-width video.

Do I need to use an add-on USB video card for this monitor?
When I try to create a custom resolution in AMD Adrenalin, it says that it is not compatible.
Windows will not list resolutions below 600 lines in the display settings or 480 lines in the advanced "List All Modes" list, but the resolution should be available for programs to use. I don't know what you would use to set the resolution on the desktop. Maybe this will work:

You could also try removing all the other resolutions from CRU. Then it should show up.
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