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Full Version: lg 60uf7700
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So I have my TV plugged in using the HDMI 3 port. 4k@60hz. Using a set of AMD 290's in crossfire. Strange thing is when I ran the ufo tests and played a game 60hz worked properly. Now after a restart Ufo test and games run at 30hz but running the tests using chrome gives me 60hz?
Anyone have any advice?
What's strange is it shows 60hz in the display adapter properties.
Are you using custom resolutions or does 4K @ 60 Hz work automatically? Does running the restart.exe that comes with CRU make 60 Hz work properly?
Only custom resolution I'm using is 1920x1080@75hz. Even after a restart/DDU driver install it still displays 60hz in the settings but runs at 30hz.
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