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Full Version: Dumbi need answer
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Hi, i have searched everywhere to try find out this but no luck so i hope you will be able to help me..

My monitor do support 75hz@Some resolutions(1280x1024@75hz), but not at 1280x720 which i like to use at 75hz in csgo
And Also, i will use Nvidia costume resolution i've tested and it seems to work i did test on UFO no frame skip on my pictures but im more worried about will i damage the monitor by forcing the 1280x720@75hz? And do i need to use Reduced CVT timing or just atutomatic? Smile

here is a list of the supportet resolutions:
[Image: VfIN4q4.png]
If the monitor already supports 1280x1024 @ 75 Hz, then 1280x720 @ 75 Hz will not damage the monitor. The timing doesn't really matter as long as the monitor can handle it, but I would use CVT reduced blanking if that works. That's what CRU uses for "LCD standard" if you put in 1280x720 @ 75 Hz.
Thanks alot, but what is the diffrences of CVT Reduced and Automatic if you can explain it for me? Smile
I just want to understand as much as possible of this ^^
CVT-RB is a standard, while "Automatic" is whatever NVIDIA wants it to be. You can't rely on "Automatic" because I've seen it give different results depending on the current resolution.
Okay, i will go with CVT then thanks alot for your help! Big Grin
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