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Full Version: Common setting timing parameters for monitors
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Hi all,

I'm searching for display settings (porches, sync..) for different resolutions that fit for almost all monitors. I'm currently have difficulties to find them, one configuration that runs for a monitor have issue on another.SadSad

Every hint is welcome!!!!

Thanks a lot for your help.


That's what the "LCD standard" option does in CRU. It uses different standards depending on the resolution:

CEA-861 for TV resolutions like 1920x1080 @ 24/25/30/50/60 Hz and 1280x720 @ 50/60 Hz
VESA DMT for 1360x768 @ 60 Hz and 1366x768 @ 60 Hz
CVT-RB for all other resolutions

That works with most LCD monitors and HDTVs. For CRT monitors, CRU has the "CRT standard" option, which uses the CVT standard. There's also the older GTF standard, which CRU does not currently include. Both CVT and GTF can also be used with most LCD monitors for lower resolutions. VESA DMT also describes some common lower resolutions, but CRU does not currently include those.
Hello ToastyX.
I'm using CRU and it's a great soft.
Had helped me with an AOC TV/monitor to set some res that don't be in the EDID of the display but it recognizes.
Usually 1600x900x60 and works like a charm either using HDMI port that usually don't accept and VGA port
There's a way to reprogram EDID with CRU parameters by software?
Have you intend to create a CRU port for Linux?
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