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Full Version: Displaying perfect 1920x1080 on a LED Full-HD TV
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Hi everyone, I'm more than sure that this issue has been already discussed, but I can't figure out yet a simple, efficent solution for this unbelievable issue.
Graphic card outputs a 1920x1080 by HDMI and the result on TV is an oversized desktop with creepy text letters, as it may happen chosing any "no native resolution".

Reading available settings on utilities like CRU or Nvidia drivers-custom resolutions there are some settings hard to give for me a meaningful reason "total pixels, front porch, blanking, polarity, etc", and also on my Samsung service menu tool (popping it up by a remote sequence during boot) there are extra pixels to set, and who knows how many others devilry options. TV is UE32H5000AK, native FullHD panel

The question is simply as hard to figure out a solution, how to display clearly at 1920x1080, fulfilling the screen margins as native resolution?
There is someone who kindly show me a way? Thank you

I made some more experiments with CRU, but choosing "1920x1080 LCD reduced" (I also tried standard and native) doesn't change anything considering the "oversized desktop", after restart same size, nothing changes.
You need to disable overscan in the TV's settings.
thank you a lot for your answer! Is this setting in the classic menu or present only in the service menu? Thank you!
It should be in the regular menu. I think Samsung calls it "Screen Fit" or something like that.
I'll let you know here, hopefully will help someone else (I wasted some hours figuring out it)
On my ~2008 Samsung television this is not done through the service menu. You need to go to the 'Sources' tab in the regular menu and it will same something like HDMI-GAME or HDMI-TV. Use the right arrow or enter button to enter a selection list and select HDMI-PC to disable overscan.

Please note that this is not the same thing as the 'PC Mode' option which appears to be for VGA inputs.
Thank you everyone! Problem solved Smile
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