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Full Version: Philips 220e 60hz how far can i push it with overclocking?
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i have a question about how hard i can overclock my old Philips 220e screen.

its supports 1920x1080 on 60hz

and it supports 1152x864 on 75HZ

so i want to know how far i can push the limits. i dont know much about overclocking a screen i dont want to be stupid and just do random things and break the screen. Its my first time so could you guys also post some advice for meHeart.

Thanks for reading Smile me bad english!
You can't break an LCD monitor by trying different refresh rates. Most monitors won't let you get past a certain point anyway, usually 75-77 Hz. It's possible the lifespan might be reduced when using higher refresh rates long-term, but if the monitor allows 75 Hz at lower resolutions, then the panel can safely handle 75 Hz at any resolution.
From another post

Quote:I had the same issue when overclocking my friend's monitor to 75Hz, using these settings:
[Image: ajvuOv1.jpg]
I'm assuming it's because the monitor can't handle the higher pixel clock, despite the fact that I patched the pixel clock.
When I tried the above settings on my monitor (LG E2441V-BN), it could run 75Hz fine, but sometimes when watching videos my screen goes black with horizontal coloured lines. I Googled this, and it's probably to do with my dual link DVI cable. But I'm not 100% sure.

Using these settings:
I don't get any coloured horizontal lines any more, so it could also be that my monitor can't handle high pixel clocks? Well, I'm not complaining. Anyway, you can try these settings, and if they don't work, try increasing the blanking timings, because that is what limited my overclock.
  • Front + Sync + Back = Blanking
  • Active + Blanking = Total

Hope this helps. Smile
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