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Full Version: FYI CRU with Ultra Wide Screen AMD and VSR
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Thanks Toastyx been using your work on and off for years. Anyhow a few days ago I stumbed upon an odd side effect of using CRU. It also works with the CRU beta.

Anyhow as some may know AMD removed VSR as option from in Crimson after the first crimson beta.

A couple of days ago I was messing with my TV hooked up to my PC and decided to try a resolution on ultra wide screen monitor. TV is a true 120 panel however I can only seem to get 60 as option, can use CRU to 95 and then my timings go to hell.

Well the resolution work with the odd side effect of enabling VSR options in Crimson and window. However it did not fully at far as I can tell add all the expected VSR resolution but can't be sure.

Link to what I found pics and instructions I posted over at

Here are the instruction I posted there:

Guy, I just successfully unlocked VSR through Crimson on my LG 29UM-57-p ( Native resolution 2560 X 1080) Ultrawide screen. I am about to redo the process and take screen shots to duplicate and post. I have 2 R9 290 (one X and one not X) and 2 monitors and 1 TV hooked up at the moment. I had to use CRU to enable the VSR option on my Ultra Widescreen.

1. Run CRU with Admin
2. Add real non ultra wide screen resolution. I used 2560 x 1440.
3 Restart
4. Open Display Option in Windows
5. You will see for you ultra wide monitor resolotion the resolution you added with CRU and I am guessing the max VSR resolution are now options you can select.

Note for my other monitor and TV there are more VSR resolutions choices then for my Ultrawide.

Last night I was working with someone over reddit on this and they were able to successfully add higher resolution then I am able to. They were using DP to DP where I have to use the Accell DP to HDMI converter ( the one that goes up to 300 Mhz, I am limited to that currently until I get another monitor.)

This is a work in progress.

Reddit thread link:

The reason I am posting is hoping others might work on this a bit.

I am currently running my monitor at 3440 x 1440 @ 55 Hz as this seems to be close to the limit of my converter or some of the other settings are incorrect. Anything higher and I get blanking, which leads me to a question.

Perhaps changing Front/back porch settings would help? But I really do not understand the nuts and bolts of them even with google. The blanking starts happening if I open Chrome or IE does not happen on the desktop or or with Edge.
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