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Full Version: Freesync on at 50hz only
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When i add the HDMI support in the Extension Block i can only get Freesync on with 3440x1440@50hz. If i remove that HDMI block i can get 3440x1440@60hz but with Freesync off. What am i doing wrong?

Monitor: 34UM95
HDMI Cable 2.0 4k@60hz.
Windows 10.

Thanks for reading.
You have range limits included with the max pixel clock set to 300 MHz, which is strange because if that came from the original EDID and the monitor supports HDMI 2.0, then it's wrong. Click the "Edit..." button at the top and remove the range limits by unchecking the "Include if slot available" option.
I also had checked "override maximum TMDS clock at HDMI support. Now its fine. Thanks for the help.
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