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Full Version: Another QNIX monitor overclocking issue, please help
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Hey guys, I joined up here to ask you guys this question and get some help with it.

I just built my first PC and brought one of these monitors because I was told it is easy to overclock to 120hz or close too.

I'll give you all as much info as possible,
My systems hardware Is,
Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H
i7 4770 CPU
Windows 8 64bit

So this is what I have done to attempt to overclock,
Downloaded the custom resolution utility, the driver patcher thing, the program that turns on windows test.

I updated the drivers of my GPU and restarted,

Ran the driver patcher thing and made sure everything was how it says in the instructions page and restarted,

Turned on windows test mode and restarted,

I then changed my hz in the CRU to 96hz to try it out, made sure that box was unchecked and followed the instructions page and restarted,

I went to this page to test the refresh rate and the most it said was 62hz,

When that didn't work I went into the NVIDIA control panel to see what the refresh rate was set at in there and there wasn't any refresh rate to select either.

I tried this process over and over again in different order and still nothing. So I just set it back to the normal 60hz and gave up until I asked you guys what I should do?
When you set the resolution in CRU did you move it to the top of the list and hit 'copy' before restarting?

Also, did you get the DVI-only variant of the QNIX?
You don't need to press the "Copy" button. That's for copying and pasting the settings to another monitor. Also, test mode is not needed anymore.

First, make sure GeForce Experience is not installed. GeForce Experience is known to trigger a bug in NVIDIA's driver that can cause problems with resolutions not being available. Samsung Magician also triggers the same bug in NVIDIA's driver when it scans for hardware on startup. There might be other programs that trigger the same problem.

Second, check the device manager under display adapters and make sure there are no mirror drivers or anything other than your video card. Mirror drivers create virtual devices that can interfere with setting resolutions.

After doing that, are the refresh rates available in both the NVIDIA control panel and the Windows screen resolution settings?
Thanks for the reply,

I just uninstalled the samsung magician and double checked that the GeForce experience isn't installed. I also turned test mode off.

When you say there might be other programs that trigger the problem, do you know what those programs could be?

I'm not sure how to check if there are mirror drivers

I'll try the changes with the magician uninstalled

Oh and BO
The monitor I got is the one that only has the DVI input, I couldn't find any of the other ones

I just did all this and selected the reduced LCD settings or something now when I restarted it, there are just multi coloured lines going through the screen and no picture. It's the second time I've done this.

I'm over it, I'm not going to bother anymore. I'm going to sell this monitor and either buy a proper 120hz 1920x1080 or a 2560x1440 60hz. I'll have to do some research and see which is better for gaming

Thanks for the reply and help but I can't be bothered anymore lol.
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