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Full Version: NVIDIA PATCHER, resolution over 400 MHz pixel clock is not showin up for selection
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Any detailed resolution that I add via CRU which exceeds 399.999MHz pixel clock is not visible for selection anywhere so I cannot use/activate it. I use CRU normally otherwise without issues. I did the "full" nvidia patch under normal Windows mode and restarted several times. Running these in this order:

1. reset-all.exe

2. restart64.exe

3. adding one detailed resolution with more than 400MHz (for example 420)

4. restart64.exe

did not help either.

Any ideas please?

Thank you very much!

My setup:

Windows 8.1 x64, gtx960, nvidia 372.70, large Trinitron CRT monitor over regular D-SUB analog, cheetos
The NVIDIA patcher does not patch VGA/D-sub limits.
I knew it! Was hard to believe this could be possible when I first stumbled upon it but wanted to be sure. Thank you very much for your reply.
And is the AMD/ATI patcher able to do it please?

Would the NVIDIA patcher work if I connected an adapter of sorts (sunix) between GPU DP and CRT?
Yes, the AMD patcher is able to do it. You wouldn't need the patcher with a DisplayPort adapter. I don't know the limitations of that adapter.
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