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Full Version: Incorrect Cable (Error Message) on the Acer GN246HL when switching to >60Hz
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Hi Toasty and All,

I have recently bought an Acer GN246HL (144Hz) with my new setup. As this is my first time purchasing (inexperienced) I didn't consider the compatibility of the ports for the monitor and my gpu and it turns out the monitor is DVI and gpu DP. I bought an adapter but can only run 60Hz. Anything above 60Hz causes a message saying 'Incorrect Cable. Please use DVI cable that came with your minitor' which cannot be removed and slowly floats around the screen.
While it says this, it's running 144hz perfectly.

My question is,
Is there any way to disable this message so I can use 144hz and save me buying a whole new monitor?

I heard mentioned that it might be able to be done through monitor BIOS settings. But I dont know. Ive checked a number of sights but they say buy a new monitor.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks very much!
Hmm.. there should be away to disable it through the EDID. Hopefully someone here can help you out.
You would have to modify the monitor's firmware to remove the message, and that's not something I have experience with.
Righto no worries. Ill look into it. Thanks anyway for your response!
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