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Full Version: need help overclockin
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Hello i am new here and i want to overclock my monitor becouze i play cs go and i need the most frames i can get.My monitor is Samsung SyncMaster s22b350h and when i overclock it trough nvidia custom resolution it can do 82 on 1024x768 it passes the test and all but when i try it it says not optimum resolution and after 1 min it goes black and if i turn of my monitor and turn it back on same process happenes again after 1 min black.If anyone can tell me what the problem is i would be very gratefull thank you

i forgot to mention the 1024x768 is in aspect ratio 4:3 not streched and this is really weird cuz it's so low pixel clock and i tried 1920x1080 at 75 and it works the monitor doesnt say not optimum resolution
The problem is the monitor is programmed to not accept 82 Hz. There's no way around that. Most monitors top out around 70-77 Hz.
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