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Full Version: 60vs120hz on my tv/main monitor
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hi, i am using some philips tv as my main monitor actually and i tried to boost my hz. I get 120hz on 1360x768, but i dont see any differance between 60 vs 120, i was playing on 144 hz so i know what feeling is it. any ideas?
It's probably skipping frames and only displaying 60 Hz. Check with this test:
Quite strange, because I did this test and it showed me 120 fps, but feeling like 60 hz. I reset all to default, but know when I set 120 hz again to do this test its shows me 60 fps, is it possible to do something with it, to get full 120 hz?
Did you do the test with a camera? If the TV skips frames, there's nothing you can do about it.
My TV model is Philips 24phh4000 / 88. When I changed the resolution to 720p @120hz frameskipping test shows me 120 hz/120 fps. I also made a test using RefreshRateMulti Tool/also shows 120hz, but I still dont see much diffrence, my 87hz main monitor is more smooth?. I am using HDMI 2.0. @toastyx
1280x720 @120hz 48 3 32 5 80 35 + + 91.562 khz 131.85 mhz pixel clock
The difference is probably very subtle, but I'd still go for the 120hz. It's easier on the eyes when you look at it for extended periods of time, no?
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