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Full Version: Gsync (or Freesync) over HDMI on Nvidia Cards with CRU
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I wanted to start this thread to ask other forum members if there is a possibility to make Gsync (now supporting Freesync) work over HDMI (it's only supported over DisplayPort for now).

Hope some experimented CRU users could somehow make this work using Custom Resolution Utility (CRU).


NVIDIA does not currently support FreeSync with HDMI.
(01-21-2019 06:02 PM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]NVIDIA does not currently support FreeSync with HDMI.

Thanks for your reply ToastyX...i asked because searching Youtube, i came with a video explaining how to enable Freesync over HDMI using CRU (long before AMD Freesync adapted the HDMI Standard) and wonder if somehow it will apply to Nvidia.

Here is the link in any case:


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