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Full Version: Strange Issue - first time user
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Sorry for typing this fast but im really scared. I run windows 10 on my macbook pro through bootcamp so I can play fortnite. I wanted to try stretched resolution so downloaded CRU and attempted to create a custom resolution. I followed a guide I found on youtube to the letter. The monitors normal resolution is 2880x1800, and I wanted to create a 1444x1080 resolution. After doing so and restarting, only half of my screen showed anything, the part of the screen that had picture was flickering and I had a patch of like static in the centre of the screen.

This terrified me, this laptop was bought for me as a gift and is the most expensive thing I have ever owned. So I saw the restart/reset application in the CRU file and used it, and restarted. Now the resolution is back to normal but there is still a flicker in the top half of the screen, and where the static was there is like a watermark behind the picture being displayed.

The scary thing about this is that in both windows and mac OS this flickering and water mark appears.

Any suggestions welcome, please help me return it to normal, i dont know what else to do.

Laptop screens normally don't have scalers, so they can't display non-native resolutions correctly unless GPU scaling is enabled in the graphics driver control panel.

I've seen panels that continue to display residual flicker after displaying something that flickers. The flicker normally fades away after several hours. The watermark is probably image persistence, which should also fade away after several hours.
Hi thank you very much for your reply, you are correct, it is starting to fade much to my relief.
I appreciate the help.
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