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Full Version: Philips Brilliance 107p
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Hi there,

I have a problem and I was hoping somewhere here might have experienced what I am getting with this monitor.

I want 800 x 600 @ 120hz , but this can only be achieved when I disable and uninstall Philips 107p from device manager, unplug/turn off, reset and it becomes a Generic Non - PnP then I can achieve 800 x 600 @ 120hz, but if i leave it awhile and turn off laptop then turn it back one, it recognizes the monitor and I can only achieve 85hz at maximum.

Is there any fix to this? I have tried installing drivers but it doesn't seem that this monitor is meant for above 85hz, but it is capable as I'm on 120hz as I type.

If CRU is not compatible with your laptop, you can try modifying a VGA cable to prevent the EDID from passing through, which will make it work as a non-PnP monitor:
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