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Full Version: Data Blocks
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Hi I would like to have more information on data blocks.

For example, what happens if I enable DCI-P3 and what are the Metadata MD0, MD1, etc.

- What is Quantization: Selectable RGB range and YCC range?
- What does the Transfer functions of the HDR section do?
- Is it safe to add those blocks and can I remove them later?

I upgraded my laptop screen to a better true 8 bit, wide gamut (100% sRGB, 90% Adobe RGB and 90% DCI-P3) and I want to take the most advantage of this screen's colors and bit depth.

Thank you
The colorimetry, video capability, and HDR static metadata blocks are mostly informational and describe the capabilities of the monitor.

The colorimetry data block describes what color spaces the monitor supports. I don't think Windows drivers use this information. Color space information in Windows is defined by the ICC profile associated with the monitor in the color management settings.

The video capability data block describes whether or not resolutions are overscanned by the monitor and whether or not the monitor can switch between 0-255 (full) and 16-235 (limited) color ranges for RGB and YCbCr. This is mainly for HDMI and wouldn't apply to laptop screens.

The HDR static metadata describes how the gamma and luminance are encoded if the monitor supports static HDR. This is not normally something you would add manually.
Thank you. Is it safe to add those blocks and can I remove them later?
Yes, they don't affect the screen.
(07-06-2019 02:45 AM)ToastyX Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, they don't affect the screen.

On Radeon card the colors do change when I add a new custom block for freesync range.. I made a more detailed post about this, would appreciate if you had some clue why it might be happening. As it seems to be much more accurate when it changes and it made me believe its the colour binding issues that persists on some monitors from the windows updates?
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