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Full Version: First time monitor overclocking
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Hello. So today I downloaded CRU and I manage to OC my BENQ GL2460HM 1920x1080 (60Hz) to 82Hz (at 83 it was out of range). My questions is what can I lower more in order to get a little bit more Hz ? I used LCD reduced and set some settings to 0. My settings are :
I can't really give any guidance because there's no consistency in the way monitors behave. You can reduce any of the front porch, sync width, and back porch parameters to reduce the bandwidth, but the monitor isn't really bandwidth limited. It mostly depends on what the firmware will allow. Most monitors won't even allow 80 Hz, so you probably won't get much more out of it.
I met similar problem, Tks @ToastyX, your suggestion give me new idear
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